profile picAllison Linville

Allison Linville is an MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Montana.  She grew up in Emmett, Idaho and attended college in Los Angeles, California and Boise, Idaho.  She spent her years after college  in  Whitefish, Montana working for the US Forest Service as a wilderness ranger, firefighter, and lookout  in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Allison's poetry has been published or is forthcoming in the Bellingham Review, Cascadia Review, Cirque Journal, and the Whitefish Review.  Her nonfiction has been published in High Country News.  She was a finalist for the 2013 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards and was the recipient of the Nettie Weber Travel Award.







Clint Garner




joleneJolene Brink 

Jolene Brink is a poet from northern Minnesota. She discovered a love for all things plants and words during her undergraduate years at the College of St. Benedict. Before joining the MFA program at the University of Montana, she worked as a publicist, social media manager and magazine editor in St. Paul, MN. Her work has appeared indislocate, Post Road Magazine, Camas, and WomenArts Quarterly ReviewFollow her on Twitter @Jolene_Brink.









Rosemary Madero




303540_10150285731727123_7376181_nHeather Jurva

Heather Jurva is a first-year nonfiction writer at UM. Originally from Columbia Falls, Montana, she studied jazz bass, English and education before finishing undergrad at the UM School of Journalism. In addition to writing, reporting, and editing, she has worked as a barista, cheesemonger, swim instructor, little-kid-herder and paper-pusher. She is excited to explore the future of writing and literature online. 










Billy Wallace

Billy Wallace is an MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Montana. He grew up in Ohio and Virginia, but spent the last ten years mostly on the road, singing songs and making friends. And sometimes enemies. He writes stories about the folks he’s met and the adventures he’s had. 








Meghan O'Brien





Cutbank BioMichelle Seibert

Michelle Seibert is in her second year of the MFA program at UM, and writes/hates/loves fiction. Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, she attended college in Northern California before moving to Missoula. Her current fascinations include the brave, the intoxicated, the sentimental, the self-effacing, and the experimental. She is also interested in coffee drinks, summer camp, pop music, and all things generic.







 Sarah Kahnpic

Sarah Kahn is a second year MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Montana. She is from San Francisco, but now she lives in Missoula by the river with her dog.











 Sarah Dozor

Sarah Dozor is from northern California. She writes fiction and is trying to figure out nonfiction. Her work has appeared in upstreet and California Northern.









Brett Puryear

Brett Puryear is a fiction writer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was much better looking as a second grader. His work is published or forthcoming in Drunken Boat,StoryscapeLiterary Orphans and the chapbook Old Haunts (23WLVS Press), among others. He enjoys the out-of-doors and prefers stories in which a young to lower-middle-aged Jack Nicholson plays the lead. Dead serious.













Caylin Capra-Thomas

Caylin Capra-Thomas is a native New Englander, and has lived in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and France.  She spent a few years teaching English language learners in Boston and Toulouse before arriving in Missoula, where she has developed an unexpected appreciation for casual gambling, ranch dressing, and the taxidermic arts.  She looks for poems that roll the dice and wink without nudging, that stick like popcorn skins to that untongueable spot in the back of your throat.  Send your indecorous, your elusive, your a-logical, and your sincere.

As for her own work, she is the author of a chapbook, The Marilyn Letters (dancing girl press 2013) and her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Sixth Finch, Phoebe, Thin Air Magazine, The Boiler, Permafrost and Yemassee.




cutbankMax Kaisler

Max Kaisler is a second-year poet at UM, from California or Massachusetts depending on the day you ask. She enjoys translating Latin and Greek, reading Rilke and Woolf, and fooling with genre and time. Her preferred flowers are jasmine and tuberose.












 Connor Willett

Hi, I’m Connor and I’m a poet.  I grew up in Southern Indiana.  The day after I finished school I moved to San Francisco.  I played soccer in college but quit to tour around the state with my bluegrass band.  Ralph Stanley is my hero.  Also, I’ve been fishing a lot lately but haven’t caught much.











Rikka Wommack

Rikka is an MFA candidate in nonfiction writing at the University of Montana. She grew up on the Maine coast, then departed to rural Minnesota for six years. During that time she earned a BA in Religious Studies from Carleton College, worked as a freelance writer, editor, and blogger, learned how to dogsled, and became a pretty good shot. She enjoys living, learning, reading and writing about Americana, and so has immensely enjoyed her time in Montana.








Caitlin MacDougal







Summer 2012 081

Claire Venery

Claire Venery is an undergraduate student majoring in English at the University of Montana. Claire was born and raised in Whitefish, Montana. She grew up exploring the surrounding mountains and spent time dabbling in horseback riding, playing the flute, acting and running cross country, but found that her true passion was writing.

Claire’s interests lie in fiction but she is looking forward to expanding her literary knowledge while interning for CutBank Magazine. She enjoys reading poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke and loves any book that uses a unique voice and interesting characters to transport her to another world. When she’s not reading or writing she is outdoors. Whether it is rock climbing, hiking or kayaking the river, Claire looks for inspiration in all things.


1467479_279016148970169_5123127788857351059_nLiliana Casteel

Liliana is an undergrad at the Univeristy of Montana double majoring in Creative Writing, with a focus on fiction, and wildlife biology. She was born in Cambridge, Massachusettes but grew up in Helena, Montana. She has spent her life playing video games and reading, with a past time in the avoidance of sports.

Liliana says, "I’m excited to be part of the CutBank magazine. I spend too many minutes reading books by authors that have stood the test of time instead of those alive and experiencing today’s world. CutBank is a great chance to feel modern people’s reactions to modern problems. I’m happy to be here."