"Everything about this magazine intrigues—its look, the art, the poetry, the fiction . . . Who could ask for more?" - Literary Magazine Review

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We're proud of CutBank's forty years as Montana's foremost literary magazine, founded in 1973 by the Creative Writing program at the University of Montana and helmed initially by favorite literary son William Kittredge.

We publish two print issues a year of compelling poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction by established writers and new voices alike.

We're global in scope, but with a regional bias. Over the years, we've been privileged to feature work by Wendell Berry, Louise Erdrich, Richard Hugo, Seamus Heaney, James Welch, Patricia Goedicke, James Lee Burke, Chris Offutt, Aimee Bender, Steve Almond, and a number of other writers whose work we're fond of. That's the joy, we think, of both publishing and reading a publication like CutBank: discovering and developing a fondness for new work.

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Mailing address: CutBank / University of Montana / English Dept, LA 133 / Missoula, MT 59812

Email address: editor.cutbank[at]gmail[dot]com



Billy Wallace

Billy Wallace is an MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Montana. He grew up in Ohio and Virginia, but spent the last ten years mostly on the road, singing songs and making friends. And sometimes enemies. He writes stories about the folks he’s met and the adventures he’s had. 




Kate Barrett

Kate Barrett is a fiction writer from Denver, Colorado. Her skills include but are not limited to: adventure walking, applying heat to vegetables and calling it cooking, dog ogling, and the awesome power of at-will napping. Her writing interests generally tend toward places no one seems to like, such as Wyoming and small towns in the Midwest. Kate is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Montana.





Alicia Bones

Alicia Bones is a second-year fiction writer at UM. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, she earned her master’s degree in literature from the University of Iowa in 2013, so she struggles not to make life and fiction into tedious exercises in critical theory. She enjoys hiking in Missoula’s North Hills, and is interested in old people, food and bodies, and the early 20th-century.  



Read Trammel

Read Trammel is a fiction writer in the MFA Program at the University of Montana. He was born in Colorado and attended college there, but he enjoys traveling and seeing new places. Read is a lifelong fly fisherman and is known to occasionally put down his writing implements for his fly rod.  Since both fishing and writing are key activities at UM and in Missoula, he loves calling Missoula home. Read’s writing has appeared in Yale Anglers JournalSolstice Literary Magazine, and Foothills Literary Journal.



Jolene Brink

Jolene is a second-year poet from northern Minnesota. She likes to write about old places and big trees. In a previous life she worked as a book publicist, social media guru, and magazine editor. Send things for her to think about @jolene_brink.



Eve Kenneally

Eve Kenneally is a second-year poet from outside Boston by way of DC, where she got a BA in English from GWU and minored in creative writing/avoiding drunken conversations about the state of the government. Right now, she writes a lot about mermaids, dead girls, and pop culture. She likes poems that are strange and surprising (a less eloquent way of saying this is, "She likes poems that make her feel like she's been punched in the stomach") so send 'em away.

Sierra Jacob

Sierra Jacob is a second-year MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Montana. She is from Maui, Hawai'i and received her BA in English from Western Washington University. 

 Charlie Decker

Charlie Decker is a second-year poet. He lives in a house on the Northside with his dog.



Riley Gillan

Riley Gillan is a nonfiction writer and poet hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He played the banjo and fiddle for various old-time bands throughout Appalachia during his tenure at Warren Wilson College and has an affinity for all things twangy. During his Blue Ridge Mountain days, he worked as a cartographer for GIS and drafted maps for the hikers, bikers, and birders of Asheville, NC. Currently an MFA candidate at the University of Montana, Riley lives with his wolf-dog, Aldo, on the Clark Fork River. His favorite flower is the peony.  

Stefan Olson

Stefan Olson is a writer of nonfiction essays in the University of Montana’s MFA program. His hometown is Bottineau, North Dakota, where he learned the ways of pond hockey, sneaking into Canada, demolition derbies, chasing the Northern Lights on country backroads, and how to drink a cup of church basement coffee. After graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, he taught ESL in Jeju, South Korea, where he dodged things on his motorcycle en route to the beach. He’s a maker of lefse, but he eats it better.