Kate Barrett

Kate Barrett is a fiction writer from Denver, Colorado. Her skills include but are not limited to: adventure walking, applying heat to vegetables and calling it cooking, dog ogling, and the awesome power of at-will napping. Her writing interests generally tend toward places no one seems to like, such as Wyoming and small towns in the Midwest. Her reading tastes are many and varied, but she enjoys being made uncomfortable, crying, and also laughing. Feminism, sexuality, and ambiguous relationships especially pique her interest. Kate is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Montana.




Nicole Roche
Nicole Roché is a second-year MFA in Fiction. She hails from Lawrence, Kansas, where she studied journalism and literature/creative writing at the University of Kansas. Please no Dorothy jokes, people. Dark humor is at the core of her literary interests. Her current obsessions include Shirley Jackson, Bruno Schulz, Claire Vaye Watkins, and the late Katherine Dunn. 




Stephanie Pushaw

Stephanie Pushaw is a writer from Malibu, California, who's adjusting decently to life in the mountains, provided there's a body of water somewhere nearby. Her current writing/reading interests include: natural disasters, celebrity breakups, coincidence, reality TV and exhaustive interrogations of interpersonal relationships. She prefers reading work that balances wit with empathy and uses vibrant language that doesn't obscure, as well as writing with a strong sense of place. 


Hamish Rickett

Hamish wasted his good years on a job and fishing. Now he's trying to make amends—at least for the job part.  He's a sucker for beautiful language and a strange voice.



Zac Raasch

Originally from Seattle, WA, Zac holds BAs in English and Business from the University of Washington. While his reading interests range widely, he finds himself drawn to pieces that take stylistic and conceptual risks while still maintaining control over writing's more formal aspects. Whether it's Kafka, Mark Z. Danielewski, or Maggie Nelson, he is most engaged with a work when the author is pressing against the edges of their art form.



Anna Blackburn

Anna Blackburn is an MFA candidate in poetry and a writing instructor at the University of Montana.  She grew up in Vermont and earned a B.A. in Writing and Literature at Marlboro College.



Rebecca Durham

Rebecca Durham is a poet, botanist, and artist. Originally from New England, she has called the west her home for seventeen years. She is interested in the musicality of language, and enjoys poems that offer a rich aural soundscape. Ecopoetics fascinate her, especially poems that write the complex line between nature and humans in the Anthropocene. Rebecca is a second-year MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Montana.



Nate Duke

Nate Duke is a poet from Arkansas. Most of his poems are narrative combinations of adolescent sensibility, specific landscapes, and dry humor. He tweets the good tweets for CutBank and helps pick the good poems from the subs.



Lisbet Portman

Lisbet Portman is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She writes about and works in US addiction policy. Before she came to the University of Montana she was a part-time butcher. She remains an optimistic fool.


claire voris.jpg

Claire Voris

Claire and her best pal Phoebe hail from the flatlands of Illinois.  She graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis with a degree in Anthropology that made her almost employable.  Claire writes about pig placenta and all-you-can-eat dining (mutually exclusive), but will read most anything so long as it feels honest.