Bryn Agnew

Bryn Agnew has worked as a ranch hand, janitor, and construction worker. He is a second-year fiction candidate and bookseller at Missoula's Fact & Fiction. He has a BA and MA in creative writing from the University of North Texas. His stories and essays have appeared in Mid-American Review, the Nottingham Review, and North Texas Review. He enjoys writing that stimulates emotionally and intellectually, that crackles with life at every turn.




Barry Maxwell

Barry Maxwell is a native Austinite, a 57-year-old former bar-band drummer and bum under the bridge, and a late-from-the-gate writer and student. (He is also overly fond of hyphens.) Barry is the founder of the Street Lit Authors Club, which provides books and creative writing workshops to Austin’s homeless community, and he’s a fist-waving supporter of the arts in unexpected places, from unexpected sources. Barry — in the fiction track at the University of Montana’s MFA program — holds a GED (Proud Valedictorian, Class of 2011!) and an AA in creative writing from Austin Community College. He is also academically certifiable, with an honors creative writing certificate from UT Austin. Barry’s favorite reading of late has been the works of Lidia Yuknavitch and Amy Hempel, and his religious leanings slant left, toward Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son.  



Liana Imam

Liana Imam's short fiction and essays have appeared in PANK Magazine, Devil's Lake, Electric Literature, and more. She received an honorable mention for Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction award in 2016, and has organized literary events in Brooklyn and Ann Arbor. A second year MFA candidate at UM, she is at work on a novel and a series of hybrid musings on family tradition, inheritances, and how we know the things we know. 

Connor McElwee

Connor hails from Philadelphia and writes fiction. He spent his undergraduate years in Connecticut at Wesleyan University where he majored in English and International Relations. He likes seafood. He dislikes the cold. His favorite stories are gutsy. The ones he remembers are the ones that leave him scratching his head.



Taylor White

Taylor is a historian, a fiction dabbler, and the brains of the operation. Between slush piles, she enjoys ranting about popular historical narratives' failures, road trips with her pooch, unreasonable, quasi-artistic projects, and coffee. Dark humor, strange voices, uncomfortable truths, and the unusual grotesque spin at the core of her reading and writing interests. 



Georgia Dennison

Georgia Dennison is an MFA candidate in poetry and a writing instructor at the University of Montana. She was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts and received her B.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Florida. Her writing interests include clogged drains, empty rivers and sand dollars. In the last five years, she has lived in California, North Carolina, Maine and New York City. In Missoula, Montana, surrounded by mystical writers and yellow-gold mountains, she has found yet another home and a valley of refuge for her work. 



Zack Rybak

Zack Rybak is an MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Montana. He grew up in Reno, Nevada. His dog's name is Wes.



Aya Satoh

Aya Satoh is a second-year MFA candidate in poetry. She was born in Japan and raised in Massachusetts. She prefers the strange and dark, and has a soft spot for all types of soup noodles and cats. Current obsessions are Layli Long Soldier, Brandon Som, Mary Butts, James Baldwin, and Julia Kristeva. 



Jason Bacaj

Jason Bacaj is a writer from West Virginia who's taken up residence in Montana the last six years. He's a fan of precise, varied language, and has skied every month of the year several times. In the summer, Jason is most often found on his mountain bike waiting (im)patiently for his dog to catch up.


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Emma Pfeiffer

Emma Pfeiffer is a recovering seasonal park ranger, and a dual degree candidate for the MFA in nonfiction and MS in environmental studies. She's also an intersectional feminist, a wanderer, a cat lover, and (secretly) a poet. Her work has appeared in The Toast. Emma also serves as Interviews Editor for CutBank.



Molly Gray

Molly Gray is a poet from Flatland, USA. She earned her BA at Purdue University and called herself a Hoosier once. In her poems, she considers womanhood, trauma, and place, but she'll read anything that's genuine. Molly is a first-year MFA candidate at the University of Montana.


Skylar Salvatore

Skylar Salvatore is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Montana. She is originally from Florida and earned her BA at Pace University in English Literature and Gender Studies.