CutBank 75 now available!

We're thrilled to announce CutBank 75 is now available! If you are interested in ordering an copy of 75 please head on over to our store to purchase a copy!
CutBank 75 FICTION by Karin Gottshall, John Goulet, Becky Adnot Haynes, Beverly Lowry, Anne Ray, and Nancy Stebbins

POETRY by Amaranth Borsuk, Emily Carr, Michael Earl Craig, Sarah Carson, Samuel Gray, Rebecca Hazelton, Molly Tenenbaum, Karen Volkman, Jane Wong, Robert Wrigley, Arianne Zwartjes, and other great poets

NONFICTION by Maggie Andersen, Ryan Flanagan, Heather Quinn, Catherine Sharpe, and Lois Welch

INTERVIEW by Peter Orner with filmmakers Alex Smith, Andrew Smith and Ken White regarding adapting James Welch's Winter in the Blood to film

COVER ART by Courtney Blazon

ARTWORKS by Brian Aldrich, Adam Baz, and Anne Tsantir