Contribute to CutBank's new online features

CutBank_No1_bellows William Kittredge spent little time introducing CutBank's first issue in the spring of 1973. Issue One opened with a bare-bones title page, then cut to the chase: pieces from Raymond Carver, Roberta Hill Whiteman, William Stafford and so on.

Accordingly, we won't drag our heels. As the journal approaches its 40th anniversary, CutBank is excited to launch a few new web features, and to invite your submissions.

Alongside's robust reviews section and audio from the Second Wind reading series, the site will also host features that spotlight the creative process and ongoing dialogue between writers. We want your poetry, prose and criticism—but we also want more, from the environment in which you compose your work, to the crucial bit of text that inspired it.

This post marks the first proper entry in the Burn Pile, CutBank's new blog for recommended readings from around the web as well as news announcements from journal staff. Burn Pile will offer a steady supply of links selected by staff and suggested by readers, stacked here to feed your creative fire.

CutBank is eager to open the doors to The Woodshop, an ongoing series that will explore where, and how, writers do their work. Inspired in no small part by this series at Brainpickings, The Woodshop gathers photographs of writers' workspaces and some brief thoughts about their craft. Ready to show us your space? The submission guidelines and our questionnaire are available here.

Lastly, CutBank wants your letters to other authors—not actual correspondence, per sé, but writing that explores the letter as a creative form, and an opportunity for inquiry. (Ever visited the excellent Letters of Note? Try this, or this, or this.) Check our submission guidelines here, then make us your new pen pals and send your letters along.

Looking forward, from our bank to yours.

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