Introducing CutBank 83!

CutBank 83 Has Arrived!

CutBank 83 features the winners from our 2015 genre prizes:

January, by Ruth Madievsky, Winner of the Patricia Goedicke Prize for Poetry - selected by Matt Rasmussen

My Husband, His Stunning Dermaflorescence, by Kim Hagerich, Winner of the Montana Prize for Fiction - selected by Susan Steinberg

A Hat in the Wind, by Emry McAlear, Winner of the Montana Prize for Creative Nonfiction - Selected by Will Boast

In addition to our prize winners, our editors selected the best work from the many submissions we received.  Below are the authors featured in CutBank 83.

Poetry by:
Julie Henson
Emily Oliver
Caroline Crew
Brandon Rushton
Caiden Feldmiller
Lynne Potts
Denise Jarrott
John Surowiecki
Maxwell Shanley
Allison Reed
Eliza Rotterman
T. Zachary Cotler
Alice Gribbin
Briony Gylgayton
Marina Blitshteyn

Fiction by:

Zach VandeZande
Daniel Coshnear
Joseph Martin
Kira Archibald
Cady Vishniac
Annabel Graham

Nonfiction by:

Pamela Walters
Paul Rodgers
Olivia Worden
Paul Vega

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*Please view our submission guidelines for upcoming submission dates.  General submissions re-open on September 15, 2015 and contest submissions re-open on November 1, 2015