SECOND WIND: Listen to Brenden Oliva and Robert Stubblefield read (Sept. 15, 2013)

HEZ_0569 Every week we record Second Wind for the listening pleasure of those who weren't able to make it in person. In anticipation of tonight's reading, here are the vocalizations of Brenden Oliva and Robert Stubblefield.

Brenden, an MFAer in his second year, reads from "300 Deluxe," a nonfiction piece he describes as "auto erotica".

Robert Stubblefield teaches creative writing at the University of Montana. He reads an excerpt from an essay called "The Measure of Water," which originally appeared in High Desert Journal.

Second Wind is a reading series that pairs second-year MFA students in the University of Montana’s Creative Writing Program with an established community or faculty writer. Second Wind takes place every Sunday at 6 pm at the Badlander, 208 Ryman St, Missoula. (Click here for directions.)