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CutBank 87

Featuring: Jillian Merrifield, Ruby Hansen Murray (Winner of the Montana Prize in Nonfiction, judged by Peter Orner), Joseph J. Capista, Stefani Nellen (Winner of the Montana Prize in Fiction, judged by Alexandra Kleeman), Brooke Wonders, Zackary Medlin (Winner of the Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry, judged by Bob Hicok), Emily Jace McLaughlin, Jalina Mhyana, Charlie D'Eve, Steven Lang, Bryce Emley, and Abby Minor.


CutBank 86

Featuring: Kyle Ellingson, Rae Winkelstein, Juliana Gray, Roxanne Banks Malia, Alysia Sawchyn, Daryl Scroggins, Derek Updegraff, Rachel Morgan, Alison Ruth, Lacey Rowland, Patrick Kindig, Michael Parker, and an interview with Gregory Pardlo, winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.


CutBank 85

Featuring: Felicia Zamora, John English, Elizabeth Sanger, Suzanne Roszak, Sidney Taiko, David Ishaya Osu, Morgan Blalock, Erica Bernheim, Luke Muyskens, Veronica Kuhn, J.R. Toriseva (Winner of the Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry, judged by Oscar De La Paz), S.K. Stringer, Christopher Vondracek, Tracy Fuad (Winner of the Montana Prize in Creative Nonfiction, judged by Amanda Fortini), Jennifer Murvin, Maxim Loksutoff, Laura Gabel-Hartman, Dan Pinkerton, and Terrance Manning, Jr. (Winner of the Montana Prize in Fiction, judged by Claire Vaye Watkins).



CutBank 84

Featuring: Taylor Gorman, Bo Schwabacher, Victoria McArtor, Matthew Spireng, Geoffrey Woolf, Emily O'Neill, DM Macormic, Danika Stegman, Haesong Kwon, Gene Albamonte, Jane Wong, Natalie Lund, Caleb Tankersley, Melissa Gutierrez, Garrett Biggs, Kimberly Garza, Jesse Goolsby, Gina Warren, Katherine E. Standefer, and Alana de Hinojosa.


40 Years of CutBank

Featuring: William Kittredge, Richard Hugo, Rita Dove, Mary Karr, Judy Blunt, Karen Volkman, James Galvin, Mary Ruefle, Patricia Goedicke, William Stafford, Debra Magpie Earling, Henrietta Goodman, David Alan Cates, Chris Dombrowski, and many more.




Little Violences

By Raven Jackson
Release Date: February 9, 2017

Winner, 2016 CutBank Chapbook Contest

Variation on Testimony

By Lisa Hiton
Release Date: February 9, 2017

Runner-up, 2016 CutBank Chapbook Contest

Low Village

By Daniel Riddle Rodriguez
Release Date: March 30, 2016

Winner, 2015 CutBank Chapbook Contest


When the Moon Was Ours for the Taking

By Wendell Mayo
Release Date: February 9, 2017

Runner-up, 2016 CutBank Chapbook Contest






Book of Lake

By Nicholas Gulig
Release Date: March 30, 2016

Runner-up, 2015 CutBank Chapbook Contest

I Am Trying to Show You My Matchbook Collection

By Andie Francis
Release Date: 2014





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