CutBank 85


Jennifer Murvin
Real California Living

Maxim Loskutoff

Laura Gabel-Hartman
Weeki Wachee, 1980

Dan Pinkerton
Orphan Markdown

Terrance Manning, Jr. (Winner of the Montana Prize in Fiction, judged by Claire Vaye Watkins)


Felicia Zemora
In Still

John English
Body Language

Elizabeth Sanger
Theory of Everything

Suzanne Roszak
Comprehensible Terms

Sidney Taiko
And Yet, Consider the Gloaming

David Ishayu Osu

Morgan Blalock
How Madea Remembers Jason

Erica Bernheim
The Department of Second Guessing

Luke Muyskens
The Ancient Werewolf

Veronica Kuhn
Promenade Along Allee of Honey Locusts

J.R. Toriseva  (Winner of the Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry, judged by Oscar De La Paz)
Library of Sound  /                      At Table, Blank Wedding  / Syllable  


S.K. Stringer
Saviors of Loneliness

Christopher Vondracek
Charity of Potatoes

Tracy Fuad (Winner of the Montana Prize in Creative Nonfiction, judged by Amanda Fortini)