jərˈmān: "Doors of Nothingness" by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Welcome to the June edition of jərˈmān. This month we have a great piece of sound/text interaction. Text finds itself talking about sound; sound finds itself acting as a text of the surroundings. Below, find a brief statement by the artist, a link to the complete project, and the featured piece. If you're new to jərˈmān, find all past pieces here.

Doors of Nothingness

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Doors of Nothingness is a project to frame temporal thoughts that emerge from being within certain immersive but evanescent auditory situations. Essentially personal in nature, these texts refer to the pervasive interaction that happens between constantly migrating man and his ephemeral sonic environment in a context-driven approach. A corresponding collection of texts and audio files are the primary outcome of the project. What follows is a selection from the ongoing series. Link to the project

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The ears are open to the slightest movement in the nature of things. This hyper-alertedness captures part of my attention; I start to belong to the events happening around me; I become more fragmented, and the essence of myself becomes transitory; I exist only with the keyboard pressing each alphabet in a certain frequency in another cubicle detached from mine but connected through the corridor of a passage; I exist only to the slamming of door and migratory footsteps; I exist only in the copy-machine, recurring movement of the sliding door with paper coming out of it; somebody throws a word to somebody else, and that somebody is none other than myself; the words carry gestures of alienation as I stop understanding the meaning and signification; they remain as mere sound of spoken words, fractured human voices without any audible information; the keyboard, the copy-machine, the footsteps and the voice, all of them slowly take away bits and pieces of flesh from my body; even the fragile bones disappear into the nature of things and their mighty sounding. The ears become abstraction of the listening process.