jərˈmān: jpg.mp3, Jacob Riddle

Hello and welcome to jərˈmān, Cutbank's new media series. This month's installment is an image-file-turned-sound piece, or a window into the Inhuman thought system. Find a statement by the artist below. For more work by the artist, visit his website, www.thisisjacobriddle.com. Without further ado...


Jacob Riddle


Jpg.mp3 was created by extracting the hexadecimal code from a single jpeg image file then using a TTS program to have to computer read the hexadecimal code from the image. Jpg.mp3 is the auditory rendering of a digital photograph.

jpg.mp3 is part of a larger body of work titled .jpg. .jpg is an acknowledgment of the digital information that create what we view as an image. Beyond acknowledging this information it is reified into the physical world in several different non-photographic forms. These non-photographic representations of a image’s digital information draw attention to the shear volume of information needed to create these image files.