jərˈmān: from SOUND NOMADS

This month's jərˈmān features a couple of video's from an ongoing project, "Sound Nomads", by media artist Ger Ger.Since 2006, in collaboration with different guest nomads he has been staging guerrilla sound performances spanning deserts and hotel rooms. SOUND NOMADS are the technicians of the vibrations hidden in rivers and billboards. These are the technicians of immanence made manifest. These are the technicians of orchestral geology. For more information, visit www.soundnomads.com or gerger.com.

Evidence of Water

sn evidence of water from Colin Post on Vimeo.


sn luxor 22145 from Colin Post on Vimeo.

Ger Ger, media artist and photographer, born in Vienna/A 1981, currently lives and works in Los Angeles/USA. He feels drawn to art and digital media early on in life, receives his first honors and awards aged fourteen. M.A. in Digital Arts and Visual Media Design. Study with Karel Dudesek, Peter Weibel and Tom Fürstner at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. He moves to Berlin/D in 2000. Scholarship in Visual Communication with Joachim Sauter at the University of Arts in Berlin. 2009 he founds the studio LA K50 and moves to L.A. in 2011. His work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions at Ars Electronica (Linz/A), Electrohype (Malmo/S), Open (London/UK), Art Basel Miami (USA), FILE (Sao Paulo/Curitiba City/BRA), Kunsthalle (Vienna/A), LA Freewaves (Los Angeles/USA), The National Art Center (Tokyo/J), Rencontres Internationales (Paris/F), and many other venues. Among his awards are the most prestigious available in the fields of media arts worldwide and include the Japan Media Arts Award, Prix Ars Electronica, CYNETart, Rheingold Award, and Prix MultimediaArt.

This material is copyright of Ger Ger. All Rights Reserved. No part of this may be reproduced without Ger Ger's express consent. gerger.com.