40 YEARS OF CUTBANK: "Sex" by Olivia Clare

From CutBank 70


They lay across each other in the shape of a secular cross.

Her expression she had modeled off a Klimt. He on top.

They wrapped around, not one another, but intimations.

His face was taken from a photograph she’d taken.

He’d visited some pornographic sites.

They’d seen a cross of limbs in the newspaper— Maria Tallchief and George Balanchine.

They’d seen a cross in the yard of a woman, whose breasts he kept thinking of, lilium candidum.

This woman used her shadow to calibrate the sun’s position until her shadow became the dark.


Olivia Clare's poems have appeared in PoetryLondon Magazine, and Southern Review. Her short stories are published or forthcoming in Kenyon Review, n+1, Ecotone, and Hopkins Review. In 2011, she was awarded the Ruth Lilly Fellowship by the Poetry Foundation. She is a founding editor of The Winter Anthology.