BURN PILE: CutBank/Community




CutBank had a great summer at community events. We brought spontaneous typewriter poems, bookmaking, a community writing tree and sparkly conversation to the Missoula People’s Saturday Craft Market and the ZACC’s summer block party. Visitors contributed such fantastic writing to our “Poet-tree” that we had to share it with you below.

Thanks for a fantastic summer, Missoula and please check out our photos on tumblr.





“You and I should be made a poem, but we are stars of a blue jello galaxie and too high to reach.”


“Here’s to the journey, despite the reluctance.”


“hssssss” – quoth the Raven


“Missoula: A community that is as resilient and diverse as the biology that surrounds it. A gift from the Universe!”


“The bumblebees weaved drunkenly among the over ripe chokecherries.” – D. M.




“I run through the orchards letting the wind blow my hair and brush my face and time stops as I fly.”


“Draw from experience in order to grow. Listen with love to live is to show.”


“Summer Sweetness”


“A monster is eating my forehead” MG


“Paz y Amor Para Missoula”


“Podría escribir lost verson mas tristes esta noche… Es tan corto el amor y es tan largo el olvido”


“She traded eccentricities like baseball cards”


“French wisdom+ the secret to life: traversée la merde dans ta vie”


“Missoula Miss Loola You make such fine…”


“Words are a Slow Wind”


“You are Beatuiful”


“You are the music while the music lasts”


“Love yourself Fly Free Learn to live and just be! Listen Learn Love”


“Mid-day between what has been, a cup of coffee with cream, and what is yet to be, the intention to jump and swim in McDonald Lake.”


“Uncle Bob, a poet who’s ideas ring in the minds of others” – from Ben about his uncle Robert Lee


“Isn’t it funny that the minute you realize it, it’s gone?”


“Morning moments of coffee and green above the blue the future unseen”


“She is gorgeous Chaos”


“The gift to share is the will to care”


“You have my attention which is an a tenderness beyond what I may say”



I sever my hand because its ghost is the same fullness – your grip repeated”



“My life with this face…”


“Missoula/Making memories in the feel of the people and the place” T,D,K


“Breeze, gently rustling Sun’s rays a calming carress Farmer’s Market Joy”


“…ellipses always leave me with a sense of…”


“Hey! Be Thankful!”