BURN PILE: CutBank's 40th anniversary, the "ancient longings" of letters

Via Creative Commons Lordy, lordy... CutBank celebrates its 40th anniversary tomorrow night at Heritage Hall. (Map) Snag hors d'oeuvres and cocktails from Montgomery Distillery starting at 6pm, and settle in for a spectacular night of reading at 7pm. Readers will include Annick Smith, David Alan Cates, Bill Kittredge, Henrietta Goodman, Sheryl Noethe, Judy Blunt, Ann Selby, BJ Soloy, and many more. Come one and all—we've been together for 40 years, after all, and wouldn't dream of letting you down.

Sit right down and write yourself a letter: At the Financial Times, Andrew Hill considers the place of letter-writing as he reviews three new books, including the recently released Letters of Note anthology from Shaun Usher. Hill also brings to our attention The Letters Page, a journal that places correspondence at its center. The first issue (available here as a free PDF) includes letters from Colum McCann and Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, among many other notable writers. Also: We're still looking for submissions to our own correspondence series, "Long Way From, Long Time Since." Click here to read our submission guidelines and send us a letter.

School's out forever: Should there be, as Sarah Kendzior suggests on Twitter, a "Norton Anthology of Academics Announcing They Quit"? Slate's Rebecca Schuman examines a few essays and notes from academics that decided to leave tenure behind.