BURN PILE: Sontag uncut, mockingbirds & museums, and rejecting Lolita

Via Creative Commons Sontag, uncut: Jonathan Cott's 138-page interview with Susan Sontag, published at a fraction of its length in Rolling Stone in 1979, is now available in its entirety. At Slate, Mark O'Connell's excellent review fixes on Sontag's gift for gab as every bit as important as her well-considered writing: "As brilliant an essayist as she was, talking brilliantly was almost as significant a part of her job."

To kill a Mockingbird exhibit: The Guardian reports that Harper Lee has filed a lawsuit against the Monroe County Museum for "exploiting her fame and the prestige of her Pulitzer-winning book without offering compensation," writes Paul Lewis. The museum certainly puts Lee's book front and center; its website address is www.tokillamockingbird.com.

Rejecting Lolita"I recommend that it be buried under a stone for a thousand years." Tim Groenland digs up a reader's pre-publication review for Nabokov's masterpiece at the Dublin Review of Books.