BURN PILE: New Year's Resolutions from Montana MFAs

Now that our champagne bottles are empty and we've worked that particular pre-midnight guilty pleasure out of our heads, we at CutBank figure we have another 51 weeks or so to honor our best intentions for 2014. No self-deception (thanks, Alexander Chee), no careless errors (ditto, The Oatmeal)—just clear-eyed, full-hearted pursuit of our best efforts. On New Year's Eve, we reached out to our colleagues and comrades at the University of Montana MFA program and asked if they had any resolutions for this year. Below, a few responses:

Via Creative Commons

"Limit myself to one hit of the snooze button a day."
"Write three days a week, at least. (It should be every day, but I have to be realistic if I have any chance of success.)"
"Teach an old dog new tricks—or, train my 4.5-year-old dog to greet guests with delicacy."
"Try all the cheeseburgers in Missoula."
"Improve my flexibility. Touch my toes, and obey life's irrational flowing."
"Build a better sense of community amongst poets and writers."
"Stay off the gossip train."
"Encourage myself and others to question competition when we see it."
"Eat fewer cheeseburgers."
"Create collaborations that don't prioritize an aesthetic over creating something interesting."
"Dance often, dance evermore."