Hump Day: CutBank introduces #MobyDickNotes

"Is it I, God, or who, that lifts this arm?" Before his final, three-day chase to kill Moby-Dick, Ahab questions his will, wonders whether he or some other force moves his hand. When we found our used copy of Moby-Dick, we wondered the same about its previous owner.

In the spirit of creative quests, of the anatomist's desire to catalogue, of benevolent procrastination ("God keep me from ever completing anything!"—Ishmael), of bringing a tongue-in-cheek literary nod to Hump Day, CutBank is pleased to introduce #MobyDickNotes, a compilation of the colorful, concise, and odd remarks found within our used copy of Moby-Dick. For the next four weeks, check back each Wednesday for a new installment of #MobyDickNotes. If you have your own, then submit them to

"Whale means more than a fish"


"Picture - significant"