BURN PILE: Jane Austen juvenalia, nameless narrators and the power of reading

black and white boat flags Tom McCarthy on "fiction in the age of data saturation." Or, what would have happened if Joyce worked at Google.

According to a new book titled Ungentle Jane, Jane Austen's early work was "violent, restless, anarchic and exuberantly expressionistic. Drunkenness, female brawling, sexual misdemeanour and murder run riot across their pages.” Review from the Times Daily Supplement.

TKAM2 update: Harper Lee tells reporter to "go away!"

On dystopia and the nameless narrator in the New Yorker.

Memorization of poetry used to be the pedagogical norm - but what did this mean for poetry? "Orality, Literacy and the Memorized Poem" from Poetry Magazine. 

On the transformative power of reading, in the New York Times.