BURN PILE: Even from a Dumpster fire, embers will rise.

This week, a small offering of embers to chase:

From their About page:

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In early fall of 1989 my friends Craig, Mick, and I tried to summon a demon—Astaroth, the crowned prince of Hell, if I’m remembering right—to the driveway of Craig’s suburban home.

  • And, in closing, an opposing view from the heart of Julien Baker.

“She closes out the song by singing the word 'rejoice' again and again, right up against the crack in her register, whipping up the crowd into a tent revival of the heart.”

From "Julien Baker Believes in God" by Rachel Syme in The New Yorker. And in the same venue, Jia Tolentino takes a more recent listen in "The Raw Devotion of Julien Baker."