BURN PILE: In Memoriam

It’s been a hard few weeks for art, literature, and music. We’ve lost notable people whose art has forever enriched humanity. This week, CutBank remembers those people.

At The Paris Review, check out this story about Chuck Berry and mysticism.

Derek Walcott tells us the problem with poetry students in The New Yorker.

Electric Literature remembers Colin Dexter, the author of the Inspector Morse series.

Chet Cunningham—prolific author of 450 books—is remembered by Los Angeles Times.

And at LitHub a number of literary icons including Joan Didion, Claire Messud, and John Banville recount the legendary brilliance of Robert Silvers, founding editor of The New York Review of Books.

CutBank thanks these people for their brilliant lives and work.

Never forgotten:

Chuck Berry (1953–2017)

Derek Walcott (1930–2017)

Colin Dexter (1930–2017)

Chet Cunningham (1928–2017)

Robert Silvers (1929–2017)