CutBank at AWP!

It's an AWP miracle! Issue 76 has just arrived! Furthermore, we will be extending our Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction contests until March 7th! Come out and visit us at table A8. Issue 76 includes:

FICTION by Sean Bernard, Joseph Celizic, Josh Denslow, Maggie Maurer, Madeline McDonnell, Erika Seay, Greta Schuler, Todd Seabrook, and J. David Stevens

POETRY by Adam Clay, CAConrad, Hannah Ensor, Sarah Gelston, AB Gorham, Zachary Greenberg, Derek Gromadzki, Lauren Hilger, Brandon Kreitler, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Angie Macri, and Sarah Kathryn Moore

NONFICTION by Barbara Duffey, Cal Freeman, Shara Sinor, and Ryan Spooner

ARTWORK by Morgan Blair and Nicole Simpkins