Chapbook Contest Winner

We're so excited to announce the winner of our annual Chapbook contest! The top prize goes to Daniel Riddle Rodriguez, who blew us all away with his prose submission, Low Village. 

We'll also be publishing the fantastic poetry manuscripts of our two runners-up:

From by Jill Osier

book of lake by Nicholas Gulig

We received a record amount of submissions this year and were amazed by the quality of the work. Here are our finalists and semi-finalists for each genre:


Poetry Finalists

Elkopocalypse by Adrian Kien

The Math of Gifts that are Not Wages by Heidi Nilsson

Tent City by Kate Partridge

Fail Casing the Namemachine by Victoria Sanz

Her Aversion by Alison Strub

Poetry Semi-finalists

Dead Year by Anne Cecelia Holmes

Contestant by Emily Koehn

Heard Among the Windbreak by Cal Freeman

Then-Wife by Kate Colby

Some Birds by John Bonanni


Prose Finalists

Sons and Other Strangers by Nina Boutsikaris

Adventures in Property Management by Chelsea Werner-Jatzke

Fly Back at Me (A Fragmented Childhood) by Bernard Grant

Repast: Essays on Food, History, and Self by Vivian Wagner

Three Artists in Arrested Time: Tiempo Detenido by Gail Wilson Kenna

Prose Semi-finalists

Delusions of Grandeur (Not Delusions, I’m Fucking Grand): Notes from the Desk of John Wayne by Kayla Miller

The Apprentice by Sandra Worsham

subterranean by Anthony DeGregorio

We by Laura Distelheim

What is Reflected by Susan Rukeyser


We'll feature more information about our winners in the coming weeks. You're going to love these books!