CUTBANK REVIEWS: Apparition Wren by Maureen Alsop

Apparition Wrenby Maureen Alsop Main Street Rag, 2007

Visual Review by Crystal Hartman

12"x12" ink, watercolor and gold powder colored acrylic with intaglio etched birds on canvas

For reference, here are my transcribed notes...

How do I begin to represent the tender and honest, complete lives sewn together "Yes, it is you love-suspended within this simple moment." Round edges - the roots of a sycamore homecoming Fearless, Maureen Alsop reaches to the innards of darkness, stirs them round with dreams and associations pulling out something lace-like. Simple details in a greater experience.  Flooding imagery with tactile words let an artist linger on lines for days where centuries will not suffice.   Turn page to another. Round and curling layers, a clear imagination that offers up hope creating atmosphere - clouds and scents, a part. they leave me calm in contemplation. 

Process Images


Crystal Hartman is a multi-media artist, a writer and a jeweler.  Her work has been shown at locations such as The National Palace of Culture, Sofia Bulgaria and the Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona Spain.  She received her BFA for Printmaking from The University of Colorado at Boulder and studied Image in Enamel at Ox-Bow, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  After completing a grant to study Femininity in Argentine Society, she filmed for Null Skateboards in Spain, and studied public art and cultural craft in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Inspired by storytelling, culture, and the natural world, she creates large and small opening conversations within and between disparate perspectives. Her current artwork, projects and adornment can be found online here.

Maureen Alsop, Ph.D., is the author of Apparition Wren (Main Street Rag), and several chapbooks, most recently Luminal Equation in the collection Narwhal (Cannibal Press, 2009), the dream and the dream you spoke (Spire Press), and 12 Greatest Hits (Pudding House, pending). Additional chapbooks include Nightingale Habit (Finishing Line Press) and Origin of Stone. She is the winner of Harpur Palate's Milton Kessler Memorial Prize for Poetry and The Bitter Oleander’s Frances Locke Memorial Poetry Award.