THE WOODSHOP: Ana Prundaru

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 Where do you do your work?

Most of the time, I write and create art on an old French writing desk in my apartment in Zurich, Switzerland. However, living with an attention-seeker cat, I often have no choice but to evacuate my apartment in favor of a more peaceful setting. The table used to be in front of a large window overlooking my neighbor's lush lawn, but I soon moved it against a wall to avoid my ADD from flaring up each time I saw a squirrel desperately attempting to remember the whereabouts of his nuts.

What do you keep on your desk?

My MacBook Air, a notebook for creative drabble and one for travel-related blabber.

What’s your view like?

My view is a characterless wall. Great, if you want to avoid distraction.

What do you eat/drink while you work?

Depending on the season, my drink of choice is green tea with lemon, hazelnut coffee and banana-dates smoothies with coconut sugar. If I ate at my desk, I'd become victim to my cat's harassment, so I usually avoid it.

Do you have any superstitions about your work?

The red Daruma (a Japanese lucky charm) has to sit on my desk while I work. I have also convinced myself that I need to keep an organized workplace at all times, in order to avoid a cluttered brain.

Share a recent line/sentence written in this space.

Adorned with black rose crowns, we hitched a ride to watch fireflies dimming into dawn.

Ana is a writer/artist who roams the globe sometimes. Her work has most recently appeared in Agave Magazine, Wilderness House Literary Review, Toad, Rio Grande Review, SmokeLong Quarterly and Maudlin House. You can find her at: